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Rated 4.85 out of 5 stars. Based on 16 Reviews

Alpha is the Best by far by Bradley on 08/29/2017

I am a collector of Alpha jackets and I have the exact same jacket and what I can say is that Alpha lives up to what it says. The parka is designed for extreme cold weather conditions no matter how cold it is you are definitely not getting cold in one of these jackets. I have a total of 7 Alpha jackets all different designs.

What a jacket!!! by Scott, Cape Town on 08/07/2017

After recently re-watching Iron Eagle, a classic 80s airforce movie - I had a burning desire to get my hands on a replica blue MA-1 flight jacket like they wear in the film. After a web search I was amazed to find Alpha Industries had a store in South Africa! I picked up the jacket on a sale and it arrived promptly via courier. I am so impressed with this jacket. Its incredibly comfortable, warm, windproof and gives good protection if you get caught in the rain. The online sizing guide is spot on. I want my next one in sage green!

great jacket by Warren on 05/15/2017

Great jacket, love it

I like this! by Charl on 04/25/2017

Something diffferent and stylish!Had to buy it!

SATISFIED by FATIMA on 04/18/2017

Good day Customer service needs to be improved slightly but overall I am happy with the product. The online eft payment portal needs some work as it has a problem with Absa account holders. But thank you to the Alpha team with getting me efficiently. Regards

Excellent service by Tariq on 12/31/2016

User friendly website, quality products, exceptional delivery time...

Out of this world by Laurence on 11/13/2016


Love it !!!! by Alexa on 11/12/2016

Stunning! Utterly beautifull. I'd literally wear it with anything.

Great Clothing by Stephen on 10/26/2016

I really love this brand! Great quality, great comfort!

Awesome for Winter by Stephen on 10/26/2016

Great Hoodie. Is warm though and look forward for cold morning flights and winter.

Good by Cavin on 10/15/2016

I love it

good response and speedy delivery.......... great product by Vishal on 10/11/2016

good response and speedy delivery.......... great product

Designer wear at a great price by Azhar on 09/20/2016

Quality and style is remarkable

good quality by andrew on 09/20/2016

Overall the quality is good. I'd just go one size up from what you're used to choosing as compared to the star and sizes across other products this is smaller

beautiful jacket by Russell on 05/08/2016

Would like to have this jacket in size 3xL.

top Jacket by Delandrin on 04/12/2016


Alpha Industries is ranked 4.85 out of 5. Based on 16 user reviews.